pump1 [ pʌmp ] noun count **
1. ) a piece of equipment for making a liquid or gas move into or out of something:
an air/a fuel pump
a hand/foot pump (=one that you work with your hand or foot)
2. ) usually plural a plain woman's shoe that has a heel and does not fasten
a ) a shiny man's shoe that does not fasten and is worn for formal occasions
all hands to the pump
used for saying that everyone must work hard because the situation is urgent
pump 2 [ pʌmp ] verb *
1. ) transitive to make liquid or gas move into or out of something, especially by using a pump:
Pumping water uphill is difficult and expensive.
Poisonous gases are pumped into the atmosphere every day.
a ) intransitive if a liquid pumps from somewhere, a lot of it comes out in quick regular movements:
Blood was pumping from a wound in his arm.
2. ) transitive to push something up and down with an action like pumping:
Liz pumped the accelerator and tried to start the car.
a ) intransitive to move with an action like that of a pump:
Her heart was pumping fast.
3. ) transitive INFORMAL to try to get information from someone
pump someone's stomach
to empty someone's stomach using a piece of medical equipment called a stomach pump
pump bullets into someone/pump someone full of lead INFORMAL
to shoot someone many times with a gun
pump iron INFORMAL
to lift heavy metal objects as a form of exercise
pump someone full of something INFORMAL
to put a lot of a substance, especially a drug, into someone's body:
He had been pumped full of sedatives.
,pump `into phrasal verb transitive
pump something into something to invest a lot of money in something:
She wants to pump money into her local arts council.
,pump `out phrasal verb transitive
1. ) INFORMAL to produce a lot of something:
They get paid too much for pumping out work like that.
2. ) to make liquid or gas escape from a place:
Huge generators pump out black smoke.
,pump `up phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to fill something with air using a pump:
My bicycle tires need pumping up.
2. ) INFORMAL to make something increase by a large amount:
They have cut prices in an attempt to pump up sales.
3. ) often passive INFORMAL to make someone feel excited and eager:
The coach's job is to get everyone pumped up for the game.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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